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Adding a park couldn't be easierWe'll set up most of the listing for you
Single-Tier Rate
Each and every park listed with us pays the exact same flat rate.
Value For Money
At just £19.99/year, trying a year with us is virtually risk free.
Peace Of Mind
Change your mind within 14 days, receive a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does paying £19.99 today cover?

Your park listed and fully paid up with every option for one year.

As there is no provision for a free listing on, it is necessary to settle the standard annual listing fee of £19.99 in advance of the creation of a new listing.

We are currently waiving any administration fee for the set up of new listings - which means nothing else to possibly pay.

Note also that our subscriptions are absolutely non-binding - if after one year you decide not to continue with us, then your park will simply be disabled from featuring within our search results, with no obligation whatsoever for the listing account holder to renew subsequently.

How long will it take to list a new park?

In general, about 2-3 working days.

Once you have completed the short sign up process, we will get to work building your listing by gathering as many details as are available from your park's own website. For any essential missing information and photos, we will then get in touch.

Within a day or two, we will be ready to hand access to your park listing control panel over to you1. You can check the details we have added are correct, make changes as you see fit, before completing the final step of clicking to publish the listing.

1 Access to the park listing control panel is by way of a link provided by email that will take you directly into your account without the need for a password.

What are the terms of the money back pledge?

Starting from when you have first settled the listing fee as part of the sign up process (currently £19.99 ), until the end of the 14th day after we have made your listing control panel available to you1, we will on request2, provide a full refund of the listing fee paid, without condition.

On that request, we will within a maximum of 48 hours refund your payment along the same lines as it was received, and remove your listing from the website.

1 Access to your control panel will generally be supplied by email to you with 2-3 working days.

2 By email reply to any email sent to you by us during the sign up process.

Why no free listing option?

Freemium directories offer a basic listing for free - with the aim to promote premium accounts offering services such as elevated placement in search results, enhanced styling and visibility on the website, or essential features like links through to a park's own website.

In terms of user experience however, this generally isn't ideal. Every feature restricted to such basic free listings is a feature also withheld from any user directed to that listing - while the ordering and appearance of listings in search results on the website becomes based on enabling the directory's business model, rather than more objectively prioritising website user's interests.

Our ethos is firmly that every choice we take over how the website works is driven first and foremost by what we determine to best serve the website user. Therefore, we withhold nothing, providing the full range of available features and options to every park listed with us. Search results are always returned based on user defined search locations, or randomly otherwise.

To maintain the website, we require each park listed with us pay our single-tier, universal subscription - which will always remain low enough to leave no real argument against its value for money.

This also serves to raise the bar of the website considerably, in that each park listed with us is known to still be open for business - and due to the (albeit small) necessary financial investment involved, more likely to be maintaining their listing with the latest information & photographs.

What if my park is part of a group?

This depends on whether the park will administer their own listing, or whether listings for more than one park will be administered centrally at an organisational level.

In the case you will update the listing yourself (for one single park), then please follow the regular new listing process by clicking List Your Park at the top of the page

Otherwise, our control panel also permits an organisation to switch between and administer any number of associated parks via a single point of access. If this is applicable, please get in contact via the Ask A Question form below.

What payment options do you offer?

Secure checkout by either credit/debit card or PayPal.

We realise that many parks look to pay for subscriptions such as ours by way of bank transfer on receipt of an invoice.

However, our super low subscription rate is made possible only by means of looking to streamline our administrative processes - so we now offer online payment methods1 only.

This remains true when it comes to renewing the annual subscription, with the same payment methods then available as part of the renewal process within the park listing control panel.

1 Our online debit/credit card payment services are fully PCI certified, are protected by a 256-bit AES encrypted secure SSL connection, and implement Mastercard/Visa 3D secure payment protection.

Can I set my subscription to auto renew?


To minimise security risks, we never store your credit card details within our systems - which rules out auto-renewals. To be explicit, the only way we can or will ever receive payment from you, is where you yourself knowingly initiate that payment through the online service - either as part of following the new listing process here, or for annual renewals, completed through your listing control panel.

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