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Each listing pays the
same annual flat rate.
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At just £19.99/year, a return on your investment is guaranteed.
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Change your mind within 14 days, get your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment options do you offer?

Bank transfer (recommended), or payment by PayPal.

Once you have supplied your park and contact details, the new listing process offers the choice of payment by bank transfer or PayPal. Note that if you choose to settle via PayPal, that is a one-off payment—not an auto-renewing subscription.

What does paying £19.99 today cover?

Your park listed and fully paid up with every available option for one year.

With no free listing option available, it is necessary to settle the annual listing fee of £19.99 in advance of the creation of a new listing on letscamp.net.

What happens when the subscription period ends in one year?

The renewal of our annual subscription at the end of the 12 month rolling subscription period is entirely voluntary, with no auto-renewals.

Around one month before the expiry date of an annual subscription, we begin to email advertisers with notice that a subscription is coming up for renewal. These advisory emails contain a link directly into the advertiser's control panel where completing the renewal process is straightforward.

When a subscription has not been renewed past its expiry date, well maintained listings for parks that remain in business - and that have not opted out from receiving advisory emails from us - are not removed from the website, and the advertiser retains full control over the listing in the regular way, via the listing control panel.

The downside is that listings with lapsed subscriptions do not appear in search results for searches carried out on the website. Neither do they appear on pages that list parks specific to a geographic location (for example, parks within a given county), nor popular search pages (for example, adults only parks, or those that offer Glamping).

While the subscription remains lapsed, and the advertiser chooses to leave the listing published on letscamp.net, we will begin to send monthly reminders by email advising the advertiser that the listing is suspended from search results - with the invitation and link to renew at their discretion.

How long will it take to get a new listing up and running?

Unless we are really snowed under, we aim to set up new listings the same or next working day following receipt of your details and payment.

With the sign-up process complete, we get to work building new listings by gathering details from the park's own website. A possible obstacle at that point is the availability of adequate quality photographs on the advertiser's website. Should that be the case, we will get in touch with details of the photos required, along with full support as to how to get those over to us.

With the initial listing creation process complete, we hand full control of the listing over to the advertiser — by way of emailing a link providing direct access into the listing online control panel. At that point, the 14 day guarantee period begins, within which time the advertiser retains the unconditional right to request a full refund of the annual subscription fees paid in association with that new listing.

How do I keep a listing updated?

Advertisers maintain their listings on letscamp.net via our powerful but super easy to use listing control panel.

The listing control panel provides advertisers full control over every single piece of information published on the advertiser's park listing page on letscamp.net. It also enables fine grain controls over a comprehensive range of listing and account control options, along with subscription renewals and payment receipt archives. Photo uploads are also managed from within the control panel.

Access to the control panel does not involve entering a password. Instead, it's necessary to submit only the registered email address on the website here - and right away we'll send an email to that address with a link that will take you directly into the control panel for your listing (or organisation). These links remain valid for a few days after they are sent out - unless a user elects to log out of the control panel, after which, a new link must be requested.

Can a group control several listings centrally?


In organisation mode, our control panel allows an administrator to maintain any number of separate listings registered to the organisation via a single point of access. If this sounds best for you, please get in contact via the Ask A Question form below.

Are subscriptions auto renewed?


All subscriptions are manually renewed by the advertiser every year, by either payment by PayPal, or bank transfer.

What are the terms of the money back pledge?

Starting from when you have first settled the listing fee as part of the sign up process, until the end of the 14th day after we have made your listing control panel available to you, we will on request1, and without quibble, provide a full refund of the listing fee paid2. We would also remove your listing from the website at that point.

1 By email, or via any of our contact forms.

2 Within 72 hours of receipt of the request.

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