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Listing A New Park With Us Is Easy

We aim to make creating a new listing painless, by doing most of the work for you. Simply supply us with some basic details by filling out the Your Details form below, settle the annual listing fee either by card or by setting up a PayPal subscription, and we will build a listing for you based on the information available on your website.
We will also need 13 high quality photos, which we can take from your website where available, or receive from you by email attachment, once we get the ball rolling.
The process should take no longer than 48 hours. Once set up, you will be able to take full control over your listing via our user-friendly listing control panel. The control panel is accessed without a password via the special link contained in your welcome email. You can also always get a new link to access your control panel sent to your registered email here.
Our annual listing fee is a flat rate of just £19.99/year!
Most campsite and holiday park directories today operate on the so-called freemium basis. That means basic inclusion in the directory is free, but a premium (often quite hefty) must be payed in return for essential listing features, such as the link through to your park's website, and a higher placement in directory search results.
Our overriding principle, however, is to provide our website users with the very best experience possible. So all listings on come with the full range of available features and options, while the order parks appear in search results is not for sale.
Main listing features include
  • Full control over all available listing features** via our user-friendly online listing control panel.
  • Add links to your main website, booking page/external booking service, Facebook, Google+, Google Maps, Twitter, TripAdvisor, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest pages.
  • Place write-ups across your listing, including a leading article, and further sections detailing your park's facilities, onsite and nearby recreational facilities, and directions.
  • Upload the required 13 high definition photos.
  • Set up fully itemised price listings under a wide range of available accommodation categories and options. You can also create your own custom pricing entries and list further details in the pricing info and special offers sections.
  • Indicate club affiliations with non-member policies.
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Please note that by clicking the PayPal, Pay By Credit/Debit Card, or Have Us Call buttons, you submit the above form to us, and until you should instruct us otherwise, thereby authorise us to contact you by telephone or email, and towards the purpose of building your listing, to utilise photos and text from any website domains you provide on the form. You also confirm that you are either the owner of those websites, or are authorised by the website owners to grant this permission. Please see our privacy policy for more details.
Changing Your Mind

Until the end of the seventh day after a new listing has first gone live, or an annual subscription has been renewed, you (the park operator, or authorised staff member) are free to tell us that you have changed your mind. We will then without quibble refund the subscription fee paid, cancel your subscription, and remove your listing. Following these 7 day grace periods, subscription fees become entirely non-returnable.

Payment By PayPal Subscription

Setting up a PayPal subscription means that when your annual renewal fee comes around, PayPal will complete the payment automatically, saving you the administrative task of completing the payment, and the risk of lapsed availability of your listing on

As your annual renewal date approaches, we will let you know at least 7 days in advance by email that renewal of your subscription is due, and that the payment will be automatically processed by PayPal on the renewal date.

You can cancel the subscription within your PayPal account at any time, or request that we cancel it for you from our end if you like. Please see this article for more details: How to cancel a PayPal subscription

Annual Payment By Card

If you prefer, you can settle your first and subsequent yearly subscription payments by card. As your renewal date approaches, we will let you know at least 7 days in advance that your payment is due. You can then log into your listing control panel and complete the payment there. Please note that we do not store card details in our systems, so subscriptions paid by card will never auto-renew.

Listing Updates

Please note that once we have set up your listing and taken it live in the first place, we are happy to make any required updates on your request in the period of the first 7 days. Following that 7 day period however, we can't respond to requests to update your listing for you - any changes that you wish to make to your listing must be carried out by a representative of your park via the listing control panel. Please note also that the listing control panel cannot be accessed via a smartphone.


Multiple listings can be easily managed via a single log in to the listing control panel, which then allows for instant switching between the control panel for each individual park. Organisations with multiple parks to list, please get in touch here


*This excludes the home page featured park entry, and inclusion within any dedicated articles or blogs we or our partners might produce that featuring individual parks (for example, the upcoming feature on the best stargazing parks).

**With the exception of the display of applicable David Bellamy Awards, all content displayed on a listing is under the park's full responsibility and control via the listing control panel.


Please see our full park listing terms & conditions for more details.

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